Text Twist

“When destiny really wants to accomplish something, it can’t do it alone. You still have to go to that restaurant. You still have to show up. You still have to build a bridge… to the one you love.” — Sassy Girl

Sometimes when everything seems so bad and some things didn’t go well, some good things happen the least you expected. It all started with a broken heart when i stumble into the “the one”. Yes, my one great love! *winks*

It was 12am on the 26th of July 2007 and i was freezing in the lounge of some call center waiting to be called to do a demonstration for a trainer position. It was nerve racking. Opposite to where i was seated was a guy with an orange polo shirt and to me he was just a guy in an orange polo shirt. Nothing more, nothing less.

The next day, i have to go back to the company to attend the Orientation. I saw him again but then again to me he was just another newly hired technical guy. Nothing more, nothing less.

Then after a day came Training. The schedule was in a totally different timezone, 12am! First day of training was the usual first day. So I introduced my self in the usual manner and in the usual statement that went like ” Hello everyone, Im Sherrylyn. You can call me she……my favorite food is Chocolate Cake..blah, blah, blah..” The next thing i knew was, i was getting chocolate cakes from the orange polo shirt guy. I was seated next to him since day 1 of training and i never noticed him until we started playing text twist including a friend. While everyone else in Cebu was in the middle of his sleep there we were playing text twist in between our breaks. It was fun. It did keep us awake. Somewhere along the entire course of playing text twist was a growing friendship. A friendship that took us to stumbling LOVE. *winks*

The following days were all good conversations and we seldom play text twist. At first it was with a friend then suddenly it was just the two of us. We talked about almost everything from music to books up to the none sense stuff. Since I was kinda nursing a broken heart then, i also talked about how devastated i was about my previous relationship. He was all ears and gave some advice. He sounded really empathetic and it felt good that somebody understood how i felt. I have to admit, when you are brokenhearted you cant help it but take all advices in. It’s a battle between yourself and your old self. It’s all about “the moving forward” stage. And there i was moving forward with the help of the text twist guy. My love guru! From playing text twist in the training room we moved to an almost everyday breakfast at McDonald’s after training.It was something that i looked forward to everyday. The seemingly perfect friendship did not turn out to be just that. Of course i knew that already but i didnt want to entertain the thought of it. I hate confrontations and as much as possible i’d stay out of it but what would you do if text twist guy tells you he likes you in the spacious parking lot of Oakridge IT Park? Well if that’s just it, i would definitely be swept off my feet but there was a catch. He’s kinda-into-some-sort-of-a-challenging-situation. He was committed! I wanted to do the right thing but i found myself wanting to say “I like you too!” *kilig*…..and i did but of course after that statement came the “but”. He was really honest about the whole thing that he’s in. It was an awkward and a silent night but it was one of the best conversations i ever had. Later that day, i got a call from him and i was explicitly happy. ….and that was the beginning of our roller coaster love affair!

to be continued….