Strawberry Shortcake

First birthday for most parents is very exciting and most anticipated. I for one is very excited and cant hardly wait for my Sophia to turn 1. It’s a special day which of course calls for a special preparation for a a birthday party. My sisters and I have chosen Strawberry Shortcake as her 1st birthday party theme. I love the color combination and Strawberry Shortcake herself is such a darling.

Last Sunday, while attending class in grad school, after lunch, sissy and I passed by a variety store and came across a Strawberry Shortcake-picture-frame-fridge-magnet. It was so cute! So we decided to buy for Sophia’s party favors.

I guess this is just one of the perks of enjoying motherhood. It’s not an easy task but the joy of it can’t be substituted with anything in the whole wide world!

Well that’s just for now with the birthday preparation. :)