God is GOOD

No one can probably fathom how deep God’s love is for us. It’s big and it’s unconditional. No what ifs and no buts. It’s just plain LOVE. Nothing more, Nothing less!

I am not very religious. I’m not always present in church on Sundays as much as wanted to. I’m born Catholic but I have been to other Christian Church. I also hear church service there. I happen to marry a Christian guy who’s values and faith is very strong and firm. My hubby use to tell me stories from the Bible which I haven’t heard of and definitely haven’t read in the Bible either. Sometimes it amazes me to hear stories like those that actually is written in the Bible. I love going to church service on Sundays in the Christian church. It refreshes me and it makes me reflect more about myself and my relationship with God.


Somebody once swore on me(out of anger and a broken heart perhaps :D ) of having a miserable family life and that God will punish me for my sins. I must say, I got a little bit scared too. It was my first time being cursed with such strong and hateful words. But God has always been good to me…to us. There might be some challenges but in one way or another He makes a way for us. Yes, I’ve been sad, i’ve cried over something i thought I couldn’t handle and some shallow stuff, I’ve complained ( a lot!) and I got angry too but despite all those God never cease to bless me, “us” and my family. He never cease to open us new and better opportunities. Now at this point of my life, I have appreciated a lot of things more and I’m just grateful for everything that HE has done for us and my family.

I’ve realized a lot of things about HIM. Though I’ve heard this a lot of times but it’s a totally different story if you have realized it on your own. :)

a. God is not a now you see me, now you don’t kind of God. He’s always there.
b. God never cease to give us MORE. It’s up to us to take care of it.
c. He doesn’t have favorites. We are all his favorites because if he has then
definitely I’m not gonna be part of the list.hehe
d. God is a helping God if we also help ourselves. We do the ACT and he makes the
way for us.
e. If people don’t give 2 or more chances, God does and it’s countless.

I want to write about HIM because sometimes I feel guilty for not thanking him enough of all the good things he has done for us. This is my one way of saying “THANK YOU” and that I appreciate Him for all his goodness.


Sophia at 11

Time really is fast. When I look back, I still couldn’t believe I’ve grown a life inside me and now here she is growing up so fast. She’s becoming so playful, talkative and knows how to get what she wants.

Last Sunday,we went to church, had dinner and had Frozen Yogurt at Yo-go Boy. She had her first frozen yogurt and she loved it so much that she kept pointing at it to give her another spoonful. She just loves to eat and try different kinds of food on the table.

Next Month she’ll be 1 year old. Another stage and more milestones for her and I’m one proud Mom to have her as part of our lives. :D


Warm Brownie Cup

I just love Saturdays! It gives you a break from the 5 day straight work mode. Well my Saturdays now are more sober than the ones i had way back 2 years ago. :D Sober as in like Coffee, cakes, chit chats, and few cocktail drinks. Way back when i was a little youngER (heheh) Saturdays was full packed with partying and gatherings. I guess i have grown out of it already. I hate crowded places now with the younger people all over the place smoking like a chimney and drinking like there’s no tomorrow.

This afternoon, I was rushing to beat a deadline of a long overdue “take home final exam” in grad school. I was really rushing. I couldn’t even remember my answers. lol I tried to make it really quick because I’ve been wanting to go out. I finished it at 6pm. If it’s not because of Facebook I could have finished it a little earlier (hehe). Attaching the file in my email seems like forever. I couldn’t hardly wait to email it to my professor. Finally, mission accomplished!

I’ve been craving for warm brownie cup from La Marea. Finally had a dose of it ( after stressing out over an exam) and had a little chit chat with hubby. I missed it. It soothes the soul and relax the mind. Now this is my Saturday Night. Relaxing and Sumptuous! We had a few drinks, listened to some local band and headed straight home, back in our own laptops engrossed with “facebooking” at 1am.hehe

Sometimes in the middle of our busy lives, we need to take a break, look around you, enjoy, have a warm brownie cup and call it a day! :)