The Piano

Life is like a piano. We can create our own music just like we create our own destiny.  :)
I’ve always wanted to play the piano. I used to have piano lessons before and guess what I forgot all the notes which I was supposed to learn. lol…..There’s just one piece I still play until now but i don’t know if you call it a piece because I don’t even know how to start and end it. hhehe  ;)

My Third Party Love Affair

Yesterday was all coffee, conversations and men! Hehe…Girlfriends are the best to talk about heartaches and romance. Sometimes you just need a good book to tell you straight in the face that “He’s just not that into you.” I haven’t read the book but I’ve seen the movie a year ago and it served me well. Lol.

Tin and I have been talking and decoding one man for the past five years over coffee, shopping, food and some drinks! I’ve changed boyfriends, got my heart broken, change career, got married and have a baby but we’re still trying to decode same old guy! We’ve talked about him over and over again. God knows how many times his name is mentioned in the course of our friendship. She cried, I almost cried, she got kilig, I got kilig too! We were going in circles with no answers and falling to the same dilemma. Why cant he commit?Seems like he’s just around the corner. Whenever he is needed he comes around. If he doesn’t really like her, why is he always there? ( Take note that “there” here refers to a lot of things which I’d rather not mention hehe…shhh). Why does he reply to her text messages and phone calls? There’s just so many questions….We’ve discussed this and always come with something like;

1. Maybe he’s busy….

2. …But he’s such a gentleman.

3. Maybe he’s intimidated.

4. Maybe he is still trying to figure out what to do.

5. Maybe he’s scared.

6. Maybe he’s not ready.

And so on…so many “maybe’s”….

Then I try to comfort her with “Everything happens for a reason..We’ll never know…..” When I had my own share of a heartache I also used that reason and it did comfort me but looking back it wasn’t really that. It was just so simple. Not even close to complicated. Obviously we were in denial. Women are just complicated in nature! Hahha…. How could two smart ladies missed it?? ..we missed the “HE’s JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU” Theory! If a guy is calling, he is calling! He perfectly knows how to use a phone. He’s not scared, he’s not confused! The truth of the matter is, He is not just that into you. Most of the men I know including my hubby are saying that if a man really likes a woman he will chase her NO MATTER WHAT! He will do everything! Actually this is not something new. Sometimes a good book says it all and it just slaps you right in your face.Lol.

So this has change her view including mine. I was reminded again ( feeling single ses! Haha). We just have to remind ourselves with that theory and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he will be totally out of our lives…and it’s going to be a one happy memory of lessons: to love and not be loved in return (because someone better is on his way! Hehe)

So this is my third party love affair! (I’m just sooo involve in it, no way out! hahah) :p