Hong Kong and Macau ’12

First in my bucket list is to travel the world. So far I’ve been to Singapore, Macau and Hong Kong and late this year will be another one.  Hopefully one more country will be added next year. Five years from now will be a Euro Trip (crossing my fingers) hehe
This is my 2nd time here and Hong Kong still amazes me. I love the crowd, the smell of street food, the busy streets, the Chinese character signage all over the city and of course the shoppping, there’s just so many to choose from and the best part is, it’s not as expensive as Singapore. One of the things i hate about HK is the taxi drivers. They’re just so rude. I can’t stand them. I don’t know if it’s the accent or they’re just rude. Most of them also do not know English.
We arrived in HK International airport at around 1:00am. Thank God there were no delays in the Custom part. I was kinda worried for my mother-in-law since it was her first time travelling abroad.  After the cutsom part, we went straight to our hotel and took a cab which is quite expensive for a taxi. We spent around Php1,500 just to get to our hotel in Mongkok. Staying in a 5 star hotel is quite impractical when travelling with a limited budget. We usually stay in hostels. We stayed in City Plus Hostel. The rooms are quite small but the only purpose of it anyway is for sleep and sleep alone. The front desk is a Filipina who was very accommodating. We spent around 2,700 each for our entire stay in HK, that is 4 nights. There’s just so many hostels around HK but be very careful in choosing the hostels. Read reviews! A lot of reviews before booking.
Our first stop was just walking around HK. We decided not to go to Disneyland since we’ve been there last 2009. It was a rainy morning in our first day but eventually the rained stop in the afternoon. According to my research June is the worst weather they have in HK. It’s not very good for tourist because it gets very rainy. A handy umbrella can be a lot of use when travelling to HK from April to June (must check weather forecast).
We spent our second day in Macau. I love Macau because of it’s magnificent Hotels like Venetian Hotel, MGM, Wynn, Galaxy Hotel etc.
I have a lot to say but I have a very busy life as of the moment. :) Here are some photos taken during our trip.
At The Venetian Hote
Galaxy Hotel
MGM Hotel
In the streets of Hongkong near Kowloon Park
MY mother-in-law and I in Kowloon Park
Our first day
One of the restaurants that we keep coming back is Tsui Wah Restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui. It’s affordable but not quite cheap nor too expensive.
Hubby and his mom
At the Peak Tram