Have you ever had that feeling when the universe and all other things in the world are conspiring against you?…Testing your limits for how long you can stand and if you can absorb everything that’s been happening around you. And there are times when you feel like things are getting crazier everyday so you just stand watch things happen with a heavy heart and wishing things will be a little lighter for you take it all in?

Sometimes when I get too tired of all the clutter that surrounds me and when my not so selfless heart couldn’t take it in, i just cry, pray and go shopping! But I realize that the only thing (of course aside from praying) that could ease how we feel is to just to LET GO. Letting go of all the things that we don’t have control and let HIM take over. Every now and then, i question WHY people are like this, why they cant do this, why cant they change, why cant they be responsible enough, why they have to be in this status, etc,Things like these is so frustrating and makes you go mad.  I realized that these kind of frustrations are things that i dont have control and i must………LET GO.

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So today, im letting go. I will try with all my brain cells might to just LET GO. After all, as they say, the MIND is a BATTLEFIELD.

A Day In Pictures

It’s been raining off and on lately. Sophia has caught cough and colds for 3 days now. She’s coughing like crazy and her nose is dripping with clear water. I didn’t let her attend classes since their classrooms are air conditioned, she might spread the virus all over the campus. Since she’s so used to going to school every morning, taking a shower, changing uniform, preparing her bag for school, she doesn’t want to be left at home because every morning for her is “out-of-the-house” time. And so i let her go with me in my office and since her Wawa’s (lolo) house is super nearby, she plays there while I am in the office. She’s still very playful despite her fever, cough and colds. And so this is what took place while she was absent from school. Here are some fine shots I’ve managed to take. 
Looking at these photos really reminds me of how time flies so fast. My Sophia is no longer a baby. Soon she’ll be shopping like crazy, wear stilettos and use lipsticks. Life is amazing!  :)

Cupcakery 101: Red Velvet

My love of baking and cupcakes stared when Sophia (my daughter) turned 1 year old. Six months before her actual birthday I started to read blogs and forums about preparing for a 1st birthday. I’ve ran into a lot of blog post of lavish 1st Birthday Parties. Seeing those beautiful details like the party favors, the decorations, etc. is so heart warming and so inspiring. A child’s birthday party will never be complete without cake and cupcakes. There’s just so many beautiful and well crafted cupcakes and cakes online. Most of it are customize. So everything and any designs are possible but of course it comes with a price tag. And so i was thinking, why not bake my own. I wanted the Red Velvet Cupcake. So I did my homework. After spending hours in the internet to find the perfect Red Velvet Recipe, i found It is a very good site. It has complete recipes from cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc. This is the exact link for the Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe im using . And the good thing about this site is, it has a video tutorial! :))
I got hooked with baking last year until people were asking if they can order my cupcakes. I was so psyched about it! It was very exciting making cupcakes from scratch and seeing the finish product is a real HAPPINESS with all the frosting on top of it. I’ve watched a lot of youtube tutorials and did a lot of research to achieve the perfect cupcake and frosting. It’s the frosting that i was having difficulty. I couldn’t make the swirl stand. Thanks to forums and video tutorial i found ways to make it look like a real cupcake.hehe 
I’ve been “bakeless” for 8 months now and i kinda miss baking. Soon i will bake again and will make it more beautiful and “yummier”. 
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This is the box of cupcakes I was selling last December 2011. :)