A Day In Pictures

It’s been raining off and on lately. Sophia has caught cough and colds for 3 days now. She’s coughing like crazy and her nose is dripping with clear water. I didn’t let her attend classes since their classrooms are air conditioned, she might spread the virus all over the campus. Since she’s so used to going to school every morning, taking a shower, changing uniform, preparing her bag for school, she doesn’t want to be left at home because every morning for her is “out-of-the-house” time. And so i let her go with me in my office and since her Wawa’s (lolo) house is super nearby, she plays there while I am in the office. She’s still very playful despite her fever, cough and colds. And so this is what took place while she was absent from school. Here are some fine shots I’ve managed to take. 
Looking at these photos really reminds me of how time flies so fast. My Sophia is no longer a baby. Soon she’ll be shopping like crazy, wear stilettos and use lipsticks. Life is amazing!  :)