When I was about 12, I used to look up to 30 something women, admire their makeup, beautiful shoes and bags and thought of them in the “old people” category. They were like my Carrie Bradshaw, the younger version. hehe… Fast forward and 18 years after, here I am turning day older as a 30 year old grown up woman. 

My husband and sisters have been teasing me a few days before my birthday that I’m going to be 30 soon and that when people ask me my age, i will now have to tell I’m 30.haha What’s in an age anyway? Looking back in my 20’s, it has been a decade of ups and down, mistakes, being broke and a thousand richer, success, heart breaks, falling in and out of love, bad hair days and good ones, fashion faux pas and glamour, and fun of life’s adventures. These are PRICELESS and it comes with age. Life isn’t really just about counting age, worrying about getting a year older or saying goodbye to our youthful 20’s.  It’s all about what’s happened in it (ageing), learning from what life has to offer. It’s all about growing up and changing for the better. More better days, better character, better fashion statement (hehe), better ways of coping up life’s challenges and better emotional quotient….etc. 

Turning a year older means becoming more wiser and stronger. With all the experiences (may it be good or bad) all piled up in solid 30 years is something I know that i can hold on to and looked backed at. Experience is the greatest teacher sometimes we learned things the hard way, sometimes it just went easy on us. I must say I grew up with a not so difficult life. I am blessed with very hardworking parents who provided me and my sisters a beautiful life that we will be thankful for the rest of our lives. I may seem to have an easy llife but in reality life really never was/is/will be easy. I had my own fair share of life’s challenges. In my 30 years of marveling in this universe, I learned that sometimes things will not turn out to be just like what we planned or wanted. It’s depressing and frustrating but along the way things gets better, way way better than we’ve expected and wanted. Sometimes to go through rough roads we’ll just have to skip the drama and just keep going. Dwelling on to something that we can’t change is such a waste of time but of course it’s easier said than done. Well I’m saying these because I am that woman. A woman who goes drama queen and cry like a baby but I have my own ways of coping like for example I go retail therapy (lol), go out with friends, write, etc. No matter how shallow or how deep our outlet is, it still does help and these things are important to keep us neat and sane.hehhe…and of course it helps keep us a lot younger than our actual age. So what’s in an age anway? It’s just numbers either way we can choose to grow old with it or or choose to GROW without the “old” in it and live life to the fullest. :)

Turning 30 and having a loving and fab family, friends, a beautiful daughter and a husband who loves me more than anything in the world ( i hope dili mo fade) is such a huge blessing. I couldn’t ask for more!….but with all the beautiful things around me and that has happened in my life, I KNOW THE BEST IS YET TO COME. Cheers to 30 something women!