Gotta Love Weekends

Weekends are the best time to rejuvenate and catch up more sleep. Hubby and I usually spend our weekends going out and dining out. So we are always out on weekends. But this week is different. I’ve been a couch potato the whole weekend. No malls whatsoever! hehe It’s such a perfect timing because it has been raining in Cebu nonstop. Been spending a lot of time watching my fave shows mostly in Lifestyle network.

I have been planning to make a Caramel Custard a.k.a Leche Flan but can’t find the time in my hectic schedule. So this weekend is perfect to to do that. I finally made my first Leche Flan and it’s just so delish! The husband likes it so much! Happy me! :)

Here’s my weekend on Instagram.

1. Pia borrowed a puppy from the neighbor which by the way we will be adopting it soon. 2. Had dinner out on a Sunday night 3. I love watching MasterChef. It brings out the Chef in you! 4. We’ve been surviving for 2 months of having no house help ans Nanny.


1. Here’s my first Leche Flan. Yum! :) 2.We have to transport this machine from my mom’s place to our building. We have a mountain of laundry by the way. So this thing is such a life saver.

This weekend has been so relaxing. No school activities, no appointments! It gives me the time to be a full-time-weekend mommy and wife. To top it off the cold weather makes it perfect!

Nothing beats a weekend with your family! :)

Going Public

Speaking in public isn’t really my cup of tea but for the past 5 years it has become one of my major roles in my job since I started as a Technical Trainer way back 2007 then now working in our school.

Currently I’m always asked to do a welcome address and sometimes inspirational message during school activities like JS Prom, Graduation or some culminating activity. Whether it it’s as big as a Graduation Ceremony or just a Buwan ng Wika Culminating I still get jitters with a heart pounding beat. hehe…Hubby usually tells me that being nervous means I will strive hard to do my best of what is expected of me.

Here are some points I’ve learned after having to go through butterflies in my stomach in making the speech and delivering it:

1. Always ask about the theme of the event/activity that you will be attending. In that way your speech will be aligned to the activity’s theme.

2. When writing your speech, you can always get ideas online but write by heart. Which means that you will just have to write about what you think and what you want to communicate to your audience. Of course you have to organize your thoughts firsts. Never copy someone else’s speech verbatim because when you deliver it, you will sound cold and distant to what you are saying. I believe that speeches should have a personal touch. A personal experience perhaps can be of use in your speech.

3. Always be prepared. Practice your speech. Read it aloud and know where your pauses are. Like when you look at your audience and go back to your paper. There are really times when you get lost. That is why it’s crucial to read over and over again your speech like you memorize it by heart.

4. ALWAYS acknowledge the VIPs before you start your speech! hehe…Always ask who are the important people and get their names and proper designation like Mayor, Atty., Councilor, etc. before the program starts. And you got to learn to insert names while doing the roll call when a VIP just arrive for example. In my case I couldn’t do it! hehe I’ll get lost if I do that. That is something that I’ve got to master.

5. During your talk check your audience’s attention. Ask follow-up questions or yes/no questions.

6. Welcome Address doesn’t really have to be long. State the purpose of the activity and say something about the theme.

7. Usually when the program is about to start and when the Lupang Hinirang almost come to its last stanza I get very nervous and could almost hear my heartbeat. hehe…So what i usually do is control my breathing. Inhaling and exhaling but of course with poise and a very calm facial expression. This works best for me. Always experiment in finding your calming technique when on stage. Not being able to control your nervousness can break everything that I’ve mention above.

Life always throws us opportunities to grow and learn. Take advantage and learn as many as we can.


Look For Less

Good conversations and catching up usually happen over good food, coffee and a cozy place. Mike and I love dinner dates in restaurants which does not only offer good food but a place that can warm the heart and soul. I wanted to do the same for our dining area. An area where my husband and I can have dinner dates at home and do some how’s-your-day-conversations over the table. And probably invite very few friends for dinner. Again we have a very small space so it was really challenging to come up with a floor plan. Finally I decided to put the dining just in between the kitchen and the bedroom. I wanted that area because of the wall. I knew i could do something with it. One of my options was to put a striking wallpaper but when i checked Cebu Home Builders which by the way is the only hardware in Cebu that sells a long range of different designs of wallpaper, it was quite expensive because I have to buy the whole roll and I needed like 2 meters of it only. So another idea came to me while browsing some upholstered headboard ideas in I had to do some fabric hunting. Fabric Plus in SM City Cebu is a haven of beautiful fabrics. It was love at first sight, that Fabric from Korea which cost php690 per meter. It’s a little over the top from my budget but it’s double width instead of the usual 60 cm it has a 120cm width(to those who are into buying fabric should know what i mean :) ).  I bought 1 and a half meter and rushed to the upholstery shop to get things done. They were also the one who installed it in my wall. Seeing it glued to that bare wall is happiness. Still i was able to save compared to getting a wallpaper which cost roughly around 3k excluding the installation.

A dining area can’t be a dining area without the Dining Table. Bought this table in Pacific Mall for Php8,000 which is by the way the cheapest among the display. I still find it expensive but I couldn’t also compromise the whole look of my dining area. I have to find something in between expensive and cheapest.hehe Originally, the dining table I bought was all black wood. I wanted to have a restaurant feel so I have it upholstered with an off white leatherette which cost me around Php 2,500 for the upholstering job. The husband complained a little bit of my “ka-artehan” but he finally stopped when he saw the whole look of our dining area. lol I still think that I was able to save with the cost because most of the dining table with upholstered chairs in furniture shop does not go below 20k in their selling price (the really nice ones).

The whole dining setup wouldn’t be complete without my drum pendant light. I’ve searched every mall, every lighting store just to find the perfect and CHEAP pendant light. Without getting any luck I thought of making my own. I found some really easy DIY on pendant light from forums and blogs but I kinda failed with this DIY project. Then I found this really nice lighting store in A.S Fortuna, Mandaue City.  The name is EGLO ( an Austria Brand. I fell in love with one of their pendant light which is Php8,000. I am so out of budget for that price. Just in time my sister found this beautiful shop also located in A.S. Fortuna Mandaue City that fabricates ANY KIND and ANY STYLE of LAMPS! The shop is called “LAMPS”. So I finally found my perfect  Hanging Drum Pendant Light. CHEAP and just what I wanted! :)

So with a little creativity, a little research and a lot of innovation, our decorating ideas will surely come in to place that will suit our budget and needs. :)