Let us celebrate Life instead of death. Celebrate Jesus instead of Vampires and Devils. Remember our loved ones who joined our creator and be reminded that we only pass this life once. So let us make the most out of our lives by living it the way Jesus wants us to live. Let not his sacrifice be put to waste. Happy Halloween!

Last year’s Trick or Treat was a so-s0 but this year is a blast. I had so much fun at SM City Consolacion’s Trick or Treat. Unlike last year at SM City Cebu, most of the stores ran out of candies and few people in every store wore Halloween costumes. This year’s Trick-or-Treat was all fun and was never boring. Most of every sales people in every store wore their halloween costumes. I must say, the production was really good.hehe Their costumes are close to perfection and looks real and scary. Though we planned to joined the Trick-or-Treat, we still came unprepared. We haven’t gotten Sophia any costume for the Trick or Treat. We immediately went to the department store and as expected they ran out of costumes. The ones left were the Devil, Vampires and Skeleton outfit. Seriously, I’d never want Pia to wear anything like that (no offense :) ). It’s not about the costume but it’s the character i’m very skeptical about. It’s a bit scary for a 3 year old to dress as the Devil or a Vampire. It is so not child friendly. I would like to encourage the mommies out there to ditch the dark side and patronize angels and superheros. Let them wear Fairies, Spiderman or Christine in The Phantom of the Opera (couldn’t think of any). Don’t you love being surrounded by cute kiddos dressed beautifully in pink or blue without any blood stains, dark eyes and fangs? hehe…So going back to Pia’s costume, since I didn’t like any of their costume set, we have to buy each item separately and it’s little bit expensive compared to the set.tsk tsk I already made a mental note on this one, always buy ahead of time. hehe We found this cute Tutu with a black sequin which I think is perfect for the Trick-or-Treat paired with a beautiful pink wings and a wand. Tada! We had an instant costume! We started trick-or-treating around 1:30pm. Ran into some friends, Zyra and her cute baby girl, Rollie and Sheila with their pretty girls. Their kids are around Pia’s age. So we decided to join them. The more the merrier! We roam around the mall, every corner, every store big and small trick-or-treating, getting candies and some lollipops. The rest of the afternoon was history. Seeing them having so much fun and so happy is priceless. I could never be put it into words that best describes it. Micro-moments (hehe) like these will be forever part, somehow, in our lives may we remember it still or not. Happy Halloween! :)

Book Café Maru

While most of the people I know celebrate their most awaited semestral break and planning their short breaks, my sister and I are preparing for another post graduate class. Today is our first day of the 2nd trimester. First days are such a drag and to make it even more hard for us to attend our first day, it rained so hard today. There’s something about rain that makes me want to hide under the sheets and just do nothing. And so I did still go to school and attend classes. I’m quite excited though since one of my subjects is Research and Applied Statistics. LOL I seriously need help on this one. Anyway, we finished classes earlier than the usual time so we headed on outside-the-mall coffee shop hunting. I remember seeing a lot of photos in FB about Cafe’ Maru. We decided to give it a try on a cold rainy Saturday.

Book Café Maru is a small cozy and quaint Tea&Coffee shop located in front of Sto. Nino Village, Banilad owned by a Korean National. I was immediately greeted by the aroma of the coffee inside and the cozy feel of the place. It’s a perfect hideaway for catching up with friends or “me time” with a good book or a lappy. The cafe has all sorts of board games and some korean Books and magazines. Everything in there is really the epitome of cuteness. I so totally love every details of the cafe’. Every corner has something interesting that is definitely an eye candy. The interior is very well thought of. Kudos to whoever designed it. It’s like having coffee in Korea without having to go there.

                                   This is their cozy platform where customers can sit on the floor just like these Koreans.

Since we were still full and just wanted to give in to our urge of eating something really sweet, we ordered this Caramel Nut Latte with a cute red stirrer. I liked it but didn’t feel like finishing the drink because it taste too sweet. For me and my sister, it was a so-so drink.

I’ve seen a lot of this Ice Cream Waffle in Facebook and Instagram. I couldn’t wait to finally try it myself… And well It tasted as good as it looks. I love the combination of the whole package. Vanilla and chocolate ice cream with the banana and the waffle is a perfect match made in heaven. I just don’t like the whip cream (sorry, I’m not a fan) in it but i love looking at it on the waffle. hehe…It adds more thrill and anticipation.

Here’s 2 of the pages of their menu. Although the cafe has a really nice ambiance, it is relatively pricey. Most of their drinks have more or less the same price with the coffee shops in the mall. Nevertheless, I will still go back to try some of their food and drinks.

                                                                                        My sister enjoying the Ice Cream Waffle.

Overall, Book Cafe’ Maru is a perfect hang out for those who would like study alone, read a book or spend time with friends/bfs/gfs who have a budget to spend for a coffee or some cold nice drinks. I will definitely be back soon and try some good stuff. :)

Address: Gov. M. Cuenco Street Banilad, Cebu City (Across Santo Niño Village)

Contact No.:  (032) 2397909 / 0927-5202891

Store Hours: 10am – 12midnight, Mondays – Sundays


Floral and Stripes

My 2 year old’s clothing preference has been very demanding lately. She prefers anything pink and floral. Anything girly that is! While helping out my sister find a gift for a cute 3 year old birthday girl in SM City Consolacion, I found myself shopping for Sophia instead. SM Children’s Wear Department has all sorts of dresses, tops, shoes, bags, accessories, etc. to choose from. I couldn’t just stand there and not get anything for my girl. What I love most about their clothing line is (if not all, most of it), it’s chic and just right for their age.

The shorts and floral top are from Peppermint Kids found in SM Children’s Section. They also have their own store but they don’t have a branch here in Cebu. All their products are made in the Philippines using imported materials. They are like the Gingersnaps version here in the Philippines. For updates in their new collection like them in facebook.

Here’s Sophia looking all dolled up for a birthday party in Floral and Stripes. I love how the Floral top complements the red striped shoes.

( SM|Peppermint kids Shorts and Floral Top, SM Shoes, SM Accessories Necklace, SM Belt, Divisoria Red Headband)