Birthday Love.

Finally I am back! I have been very busy lately plus my 5 year old laptop has some intermittent power issues. This is a long over due post but it’e better late than never.

Looking at Sophia now reminds me of how fragile she was way back 3 years ago. Sometimes I just watch her with awe and happiness. It’s every mother’s joy to see her child grow unfolding and discovering life. Sophia is now beginning to talk a lot like nonstop and she always has a say about almost everything. It’s funny how a baby who knows nothing but eat, cry and sleep could turn into a little girl who already knows her way out with her biased reasons. Lol

Since Sophia’s birthday falls during school holidays, hubby and I decided to have a 2 simple celebration at home and in school. I wanted her to celebrate her special day with her classmates as well. We live in a family compound so it is a must that we celebrate at home. With the number of cousins, titas and titos I have, we can already have a party of our own. hehe It was a fun night. Sophia loved the attention everyone’s giving her. It was also a mini reunion for all of my cousins whom I seldom see though we live in one area.

Part 2 of Pia’s Celebration was at SRCDS Montessori Children’s House. Two days before we decided to celebrate in Pia’s school, I called a good friend whose wife is the cake artist and owner of Cakes4You to make a 1 tier cake. As a birthday gift for Pia, they made us a beautiful Barbie cake and 50 cupcakes. Sweet! :) And the cake and the cupcakes taste so good. I’m not saying this because we’re friends but it really do taste good! It’s fluffy and moist.
We love you so much Sophia Cerise!


Daddy and Mommy

Hanging by a Moment

(Hanging Lamps | November 10, 2012)

It’s still the 3rd week of November and so far it’s full t of climactic moments. It’s stressful and somehow liberating. That’s what it is like for my November. Sometimes I worry a lot about the future thinking of the hows and the whats. I know it’s a total waste of time but what can a girl do with raging hormones. hehe…Anyway, I have come into terms with a lot of things this November contemplating every single moment that passes by. I have succumb to the feeling of vulnerability that somehow in this vast Universe no matter how control freak we are somewhere down the road we will always trip down or in one way or another change course of direction. And I am talking about the things that did not happen yet, the FUTURE. As of this time while I am writing this post, I love most of the things that I see. As of the next 5 years that I do not know yet. While waiting for the next big thing in our lives, let us hang in by the moment and just appreciate the “NOW” worry-free! :)

Another Year, Another Round

Perhaps the most precious gift is to be able to celebrate living life year after year. I have always wanted birthdays to be special after all God has given us another year, another round of life ┬áto live. We have been celebrating my sister’s birthday for 25 years now then my husband joined the family ┬álast 2009 who happens to have the same birth date with my sister. Since then our November 10th celebration has been even more “happier” and “merrier”.

Lunch at Cafe’ Georg Banild

The Birthday Girl!

…and the Birthday boy!