Thursday Juice

My first post on juicing! :) This has been our new craze lately with my sisters and bff Jetryll. Since I am no longer in my twenties, I am now a convert of a totally healthy lifestyle. I first came across with Joe Cross on an interview in ANC. He convinced me to go juicing since there are so many health benefits that comes with juicing. Then after that is Mariel Rodriguez. Her IG account is all about organic fruits and veggies and juicing. It’s very inspiring.

So this is my juice for Thursday, Carrots, Apple, Orange, Celery and Red Beets. Cheers! :)


Hello there blog! I can now officially say that my blog hiatus is over. I’ve been very busy from last week of May till August. It’s not really because of work but because of our new unit. Been driving to and fro to different hardwares all over cebu. It was fun but at the same time exhausting not just physically but mentally as well. whew! Thank God it’s finally done! I will soon post our new home. :)

Anyway, I am here to post about me being grateful! I used to keep a journal way back when I was in 5th grade till my Singapore days. I love writing down my emotions. It somehow makes me feel better, a lot better actually in times of down moments. While I was sorting our things before we finally moved to our new unit, i found my old journals and as I was skimming, I noticed that I usually write down either sad or raving about getting better in the future. Well there are some happy moments written down too but most of it are raging emotions. LOL. So I promised myself that I will not only post about being sad or angry but I will also talk here in this blog about happiness and gratitude. Yes, Happiness and Gratitude!

I am now 31 years old. And looking back I have been really blessed with the best parents and sisters! Then fast forward to the present, I am also blessed with a great husband and beautiful daughter. God has also shown me how he keep all his promises and that he will never leave us alone in our journey and that HE will bless us more than what we’ve asked for and even more than what we deserve in HIS own TIME. We just really have to trust him and be patient for His timing is the best time, not yours, not mine nor someone else’s but only HIS TIME. :)