Scarlet Czarina at 4 months

I was planning to have newborn photo session with Scarlet but I never had the chance to do that. :( Now that she’s 4 months old, I decided to just get someone and capture this precious moment with our baby love.

Now that I have my own kids, I realized that no amount of material things can repay our mother’s love and sacrifices. You can never fathom motherhood until you’ve raised your own child.


Scarlet’s Christening

It’s January 2015! Another year of fun and adventure. Four months ago I gave birth to a healthy bouncing baby girl. When I think about it, I still can’t believe I survived pregnancy, labor pains and the sleepless nights. Despite the pain that comes with giving birth, life has become more beautiful and more meaningful now that I am a mother of two beautiful girls.

This is a long overdue Christening. We were supposed to have Scarlet baptised last December but it was so impossible to get it done due to the Christmas season. I was finally able to book a schedule in the church that would go with the venue’s availability. We decided to have the venue in Cafe Georg because of its food and great location plus spacious parking space. My sisters and I are crazy over styling parties. We love DIYs. This is just a simple and intimate Christening celebration so we wanted to make the decor light and laid back with not so many striking colors. We are also very blessed to have a friend who makes great and super delish cakes. She is also very accommodating with all our request and demands. LOL Here are a few photos of our baby Scarlet’s Special Day with the Lord.

( Cakes & Cupcakes: Chique’s Cakes & Pastries, Styled by: Party Queen )