Pretty in Red

My sisters and I love planning and styling parties for our girls. I have been planning and reading blogs about birthday parties for months. I’ve changed party theme 4 times. There was Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Raindrops, Little Lamb and finally made a decision to have a Little red Riding Hood party since Scarlet’s name is a family of Red. The initial plan was to DIY but I figured I might not be able to cope up with the time. So I decided to get someone to decorate. I love details, details, details! I’ve prepared power point presentations for the decorator so that she can get the feel of what I want for the theme. I Spent nights and days browsing for pegs. It was a stress reliever! Unfortunately the decorator I hired was not able to properly execute and interpret the design that I wanted in spite all my efforts of providing a lot of photos. (I will post a review on this.) ¬†I realize that I should have hired an event stylist. Definitely, I am not going to be a repeat client. Oh how I love to rant about my disappointment but I’d rather not and just focus on the good ones. Spreading good vibes not bad vibes. lol. Anyway, despite my disappointment, it was a super fun birthday celebration. It was a well attended party by friends, family and colleagues. And not to mention a bunch of super active kids. I’m glad they had so much fun after all this party is all about children. The adults had fun too. The food was great and the hotel’s customer service is excellent. The event specialist who handled our event was very accommodating and addressed all our concerns immediately.

1st Birthdays will always be a special event for me. As a mom of two, raising a baby and a strong-willed daughter is never easy but I enjoyed every bit of it.¬†Scarlet’s 1st birthday is also a celebration of so many things; me as a mother, our daddy who is always my knight in shining armor, from changing diapers to singing a lullabye, the supportive titas, mama and wawa who love to spoil our girls and to all the people who love Scarlet. :)

We thank the LORD for giving us our Scarlet. Our girls are the greatest blessing and with that we wil never get tired of prasing and giving Him thanks.

Here are some photos of Scarlet’s Little Red Riding Hood Party.

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