Pia’s Pink Flamingo Party

We celebrated Scarlet’s 1st Birthday last September in a hotel and so my eldest wanted her birthday to be celebrated in a hotel too. LOL I told her that we couldn’t have that kind of party as of the moment but I promised her that we will have a super fun party with her classmates and teachers. And so she agreed. (Thank God!) It was a last minute decision to have it in my parents house and so I only had 1 day of preparation for Pia’s birthday. I have always and will always love to throw beautiful parties for my girls whether grand or simple. After all life is worth celebrating for!

Pia celebrated her 6th Birthday with her classmates and teachers right after their class. Pia is so happy to see her classmates and teachers during her birthday party. The whole class was so ecstatic to see the party host in his Mickey Mouse Costume. Thanks to all Pia’s teachers for helping out during the games. It would have been so difficult for us to control the kids. LOL

My sisters and I decided including Pia to have a Pink Flamingo Party because it’s cute, dainty and pink. I was so happy to find free flamingo printables online. Here’s the link for this super cute banner and thank you tag which I also used for the party loot bags: Flamingo Banner and Flamingo Thank You Tag .

This birthday party is also an advance celebration of my sister Jackie and my husband. They both have the same birth date which falls on the 10th of November.

Our beautiful cakes are from our good friend Chique. I must say we are one of her most difficult clients. lol She has one of the most delicious moist chocolate cake and red velvet. She will never fail you too with her creativity and craftsmanship when it comes to the design. Check out hert FB page: Chique’s Cakes and Pastries.

Here are some photos of the Pia’s Pink Flamingo Party. Enjoy! :)