Brooklyn Bridge

This is my first post for our US Trip. It has been an amazing 25 days in the US. I wish I have the time to blog everything about this trip. I will find the time. I will.

I have always dream of New York City. It’s like seeing Sex and The City live. I’ve spent my early 20’s watching Carrie Bradshaw and her girlfriends conquer NYC. Visiting the big apple┬áreally is a dream come true! Among the the 7 states that we’ve visited, New York was the state that I have been looking forward to with so much excitement, couldn’t even contain it! lol Since our official business trip was in Philly, travelling to NYC is easer, cheaper and not very time consuming. One of our first day itinerary was the Brooklyn Bridge. When I first saw the Brooklyn Bridge from afar, it was like waking up inside a dream! Dreams do come true! :) Thanks to the hubby for making this trip possible. XOXO

I will be posting soon our US trip.