Book Café Maru

While most of the people I know celebrate their most awaited semestral break and planning their short breaks, my sister and I are preparing for another post graduate class. Today is our first day of the 2nd trimester. First days are such a drag and to make it even more hard for us to attend our first day, it rained so hard today. There’s something about rain that makes me want to hide under the sheets and just do nothing. And so I did still go to school and attend classes. I’m quite excited though since one of my subjects is Research and Applied Statistics. LOL I seriously need help on this one. Anyway, we finished classes earlier than the usual time so we headed on outside-the-mall coffee shop hunting. I remember seeing a lot of photos in FB about Cafe’ Maru. We decided to give it a try on a cold rainy Saturday.

Book Café Maru is a small cozy and quaint Tea&Coffee shop located in front of Sto. Nino Village, Banilad owned by a Korean National. I was immediately greeted by the aroma of the coffee inside and the cozy feel of the place. It’s a perfect hideaway for catching up with friends or “me time” with a good book or a lappy. The cafe has all sorts of board games and some korean Books and magazines. Everything in there is really the epitome of cuteness. I so totally love every details of the cafe’. Every corner has something interesting that is definitely an eye candy. The interior is very well thought of. Kudos to whoever designed it. It’s like having coffee in Korea without having to go there.

                                   This is their cozy platform where customers can sit on the floor just like these Koreans.

Since we were still full and just wanted to give in to our urge of eating something really sweet, we ordered this Caramel Nut Latte with a cute red stirrer. I liked it but didn’t feel like finishing the drink because it taste too sweet. For me and my sister, it was a so-so drink.

I’ve seen a lot of this Ice Cream Waffle in Facebook and Instagram. I couldn’t wait to finally try it myself… And well It tasted as good as it looks. I love the combination of the whole package. Vanilla and chocolate ice cream with the banana and the waffle is a perfect match made in heaven. I just don’t like the whip cream (sorry, I’m not a fan) in it but i love looking at it on the waffle. hehe…It adds more thrill and anticipation.

Here’s 2 of the pages of their menu. Although the cafe has a really nice ambiance, it is relatively pricey. Most of their drinks have more or less the same price with the coffee shops in the mall. Nevertheless, I will still go back to try some of their food and drinks.

                                                                                        My sister enjoying the Ice Cream Waffle.

Overall, Book Cafe’ Maru is a perfect hang out for those who would like study alone, read a book or spend time with friends/bfs/gfs who have a budget to spend for a coffee or some cold nice drinks. I will definitely be back soon and try some good stuff. :)

Address: Gov. M. Cuenco Street Banilad, Cebu City (Across Santo Niño Village)

Contact No.:  (032) 2397909 / 0927-5202891

Store Hours: 10am – 12midnight, Mondays – Sundays


District 50

As i was saying in my previous post,i’ve been hibernating the whole weekend. hehe It’s such a big deal for me to be home on weekends because i’m always out on saturdays and sundays.

Last Sunday was really a super lazy day. Hheeh…So we decided to dine out to end our weekend and save ourselves from all the hassles of cooking and washing the dishes. By the way it’s been 2 months of having no house help and nanny and we are still surviving it and counting!…and of course still looking!

So we drive around and just randomly picked up a restaurant that we haven’t tried yet. We ended up having dinner at District 50 located at the 2nd floor of J Centre Mall. You have to ask the guard to tell you where it is because it’s located in a narrow corner.

When I saw the interiors of District 50 I immediately love it. The restaurant has a pretty warm interiors I am a sucker of beautiful ambiance. Their interior is inspired by the 50’s era which is the Pop Culture and Rock&Roll period. The restaurant has interesting vintage displays from that Beetle car to vintage baseball bats to a sepia framed photos. You wont get bored waiting for your food. I love the lightings too. Not too dim and not to bright. It gives you a feeling of warmth and comfort. (too bad I was not able to bring my camera so I have to take photos with my iphone.)



This is Mike’s food and it’s called Chicken Kiev which according in their menu is a popular dish of boneless chicken breast pounded and rolled around garlic herb butter then breaded and fried, served in a bed of cucumber turnip slaw.

He’s not quite happy with this food. He finds the taste weird and dry. As for me, I love the taste of the garlic but I’d prefer having no butter with it. I find that the butter might be too much for a not so big piece of a chicken breasts. The chicken is tender and soft. Overall on a scale of 1-5 where 5 is the highest, I would give this dish a 3. :)


I’ve ordered Chicken Parmesan. I love any food with cheese. The tomatos sauce tastes great with the chicken and the Parmesan Cheese. Great combo. I would give this a 4.

I would never fail to order a mango crepe if it is listed in the menu. District 50 has a good execution of mango crepe with a nice balance of caramel, ice cream, mangoes and a little bit of chocolate syrup. The crepe itself is not too thick, not too hard. It’s very soft when you eat it. I would give this sumptous Mango Crepe a 4.5!


Here’s a sneak of their menus. Their price range is not that bad. It’s worth the place and the food they serve. Plus their waiters are very polite and know their menu well. I will give the service crew a 4.5! :)


Here we are with our happy stomach!hehe..I will definitely go back here and try their other dishes.It really was a great weekend. Till next time! :)


Cupcakery 101: Red Velvet

My love of baking and cupcakes stared when Sophia (my daughter) turned 1 year old. Six months before her actual birthday I started to read blogs and forums about preparing for a 1st birthday. I’ve ran into a lot of blog post of lavish 1st Birthday Parties. Seeing those beautiful details like the party favors, the decorations, etc. is so heart warming and so inspiring. A child’s birthday party will never be complete without cake and cupcakes. There’s just so many beautiful and well crafted cupcakes and cakes online. Most of it are customize. So everything and any designs are possible but of course it comes with a price tag. And so i was thinking, why not bake my own. I wanted the Red Velvet Cupcake. So I did my homework. After spending hours in the internet to find the perfect Red Velvet Recipe, i found It is a very good site. It has complete recipes from cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc. This is the exact link for the Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe im using . And the good thing about this site is, it has a video tutorial! :))
I got hooked with baking last year until people were asking if they can order my cupcakes. I was so psyched about it! It was very exciting making cupcakes from scratch and seeing the finish product is a real HAPPINESS with all the frosting on top of it. I’ve watched a lot of youtube tutorials and did a lot of research to achieve the perfect cupcake and frosting. It’s the frosting that i was having difficulty. I couldn’t make the swirl stand. Thanks to forums and video tutorial i found ways to make it look like a real cupcake.hehe 
I’ve been “bakeless” for 8 months now and i kinda miss baking. Soon i will bake again and will make it more beautiful and “yummier”. 
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This is the box of cupcakes I was selling last December 2011. :)