Christmas in Unit 2A

What could be the most wonderful time of the year other than CHRISTMAS! I love everything about the Christmas season but this year is extra special since we finally moved in to our own place. So i was very excited when the “ber” months were coming. This is actually our first time as a family to put up our own tree and decorate our unit to get the Christmassy feel. I started buying decors last November and until today as i write this post I still want to buy more. It’s a never ending pursuit as what I and my friend Jet have been laughing ourselves at.

Here’s my DIY wreath in Silver and Blue. I just noticed today that my other wreath has been missing a flower and some twigs.LOL

Below is the original design of my DIY wreath. It was so fun making them. Such a stress reliever!

I decided to get a white tree because I have been crazy with anything white and it will perfectly match our modern gray wall. I went for blue (turquoise-ish) and silver theme. I used a white LED lights that goes well with a white tree.

….and so my gift wrapping theme goes with our tree, blue and silver. 

Left photo: I changed the pillow covers to blue so that it will match my Christmas tree theme.

Right photo: I have been very busy the week before Christmas and so I didn’t get the time to look for dining centrepieces. This was an impromptu assembly of our centrepiece on the day of the Christmas eve.

This one is our coffee table centrepiece. one of the first few that I put together for Christmas.

Of course let us not forget what the true meaning of Christmas is and why we celebrate it. In this joyous season let us celebrate life because HE CAME TO SAVE US.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from our family to yours! :)


Look For Less

Good conversations and catching up usually happen over good food, coffee and a cozy place. Mike and I love dinner dates in restaurants which does not only offer good food but a place that can warm the heart and soul. I wanted to do the same for our dining area. An area where my husband and I can have dinner dates at home and do some how’s-your-day-conversations over the table. And probably invite very few friends for dinner. Again we have a very small space so it was really challenging to come up with a floor plan. Finally I decided to put the dining just in between the kitchen and the bedroom. I wanted that area because of the wall. I knew i could do something with it. One of my options was to put a striking wallpaper but when i checked Cebu Home Builders which by the way is the only hardware in Cebu that sells a long range of different designs of wallpaper, it was quite expensive because I have to buy the whole roll and I needed like 2 meters of it only. So another idea came to me while browsing some upholstered headboard ideas in I had to do some fabric hunting. Fabric Plus in SM City Cebu is a haven of beautiful fabrics. It was love at first sight, that Fabric from Korea which cost php690 per meter. It’s a little over the top from my budget but it’s double width instead of the usual 60 cm it has a 120cm width(to those who are into buying fabric should know what i mean :) ).  I bought 1 and a half meter and rushed to the upholstery shop to get things done. They were also the one who installed it in my wall. Seeing it glued to that bare wall is happiness. Still i was able to save compared to getting a wallpaper which cost roughly around 3k excluding the installation.

A dining area can’t be a dining area without the Dining Table. Bought this table in Pacific Mall for Php8,000 which is by the way the cheapest among the display. I still find it expensive but I couldn’t also compromise the whole look of my dining area. I have to find something in between expensive and cheapest.hehe Originally, the dining table I bought was all black wood. I wanted to have a restaurant feel so I have it upholstered with an off white leatherette which cost me around Php 2,500 for the upholstering job. The husband complained a little bit of my “ka-artehan” but he finally stopped when he saw the whole look of our dining area. lol I still think that I was able to save with the cost because most of the dining table with upholstered chairs in furniture shop does not go below 20k in their selling price (the really nice ones).

The whole dining setup wouldn’t be complete without my drum pendant light. I’ve searched every mall, every lighting store just to find the perfect and CHEAP pendant light. Without getting any luck I thought of making my own. I found some really easy DIY on pendant light from forums and blogs but I kinda failed with this DIY project. Then I found this really nice lighting store in A.S Fortuna, Mandaue City.  The name is EGLO ( an Austria Brand. I fell in love with one of their pendant light which is Php8,000. I am so out of budget for that price. Just in time my sister found this beautiful shop also located in A.S. Fortuna Mandaue City that fabricates ANY KIND and ANY STYLE of LAMPS! The shop is called “LAMPS”. So I finally found my perfect  Hanging Drum Pendant Light. CHEAP and just what I wanted! :)

So with a little creativity, a little research and a lot of innovation, our decorating ideas will surely come in to place that will suit our budget and needs. :)




Coffee Table Revamped

One of my first love since my college days is Interior Design. I am no expert on this but this is one of the things I am very passionate about. Most of my influence came from watching Lifestyle Network’s Home TV shows. I wouldn’t missed it for the world! I could sit the whole day and just watch those shows. But those were the days when all i had to think about was school and myself. Since I started working, i don’t usually have the luxury to sit around and be a couch potato. I don’t get to watch my fave Lifestyle Network shows anymore as often as I want to and so I take credit now my inspiration for house interior designs to They have it all covered from Cooking, baking to Gardening to Interior design ideas and my fave among the sections of BHG is the DIY Projects. So this is how my coffee table began its journey to a fab makeover.

We moved in to our new small space last June this year. It was very exciting and stressful with all the loading and unloading of our old and new house stuff. We bought most of our things from Mandaue Foam Cebu. They offer a great deal of furniture with different varieties of style from contemporary to modern designs. I have been eyeing on a white modern coffee table in Mandaue Foam but it was quite too big for our living area. It’s hard to find something that will fit in when you have very limited space. So I didn’t have any choice but to customize. Customized furniture can be quite expensive and it’s hard to find someone or a company who will just make something for just one person. So i did some scavenging in my mom’s place and found two vintage tables during the 80′s under the grand stair with dust all over it. When I saw the tables, i immediately knew what to to do with it. I had envisioned exactly what it’s going to look like after the makeover. I consider myself so blessed to be living just right across an upholstery shop. I can clearly see “Bobong’s Upholstery Shop” signage in my window. It’s no fancy shop. It’s dirty, dusty and disorganized but they really do a neat and clean finish to whatever upholstering you want them to do. So I had the vintage table upholstered and showed them my inspiration. Two days after of waiting and excitement, it was finally delivered in my doorstep. I cut the legs shorter of the other one since it’s going to be too tall for a coffee table in the living. I placed the second one at the side of the sofa. Below are some photos of my revamped Coffee Table from vintage to modern. (Too bad i was not able to take a photo of the original table.)


This is the upholstered coffee table and I was very happy when I saw it!

Here are the details of the stitches and that white button like at the center

This is my inspiration. :)