Baby Love at 39 Weeks

Hello Blog! I’m back again but this time with a huge tummy.

This is a last minute maternity shoot with my husband as my photographer. We’ve been planning this shoot for months but because of our busy schedule things got a bit late and my tummy gets bigger each day. I would love to have this shoot at least at 34 weeks. Having a huge tummy at 39 weeks is quite difficult to move around already but for the sake of beautiful photos, I did what I had to do in front of the camera.

This is my second pregnancy and this is way way different from my first. One of my greatest challenge right now is mobility. It’s almost impossible to move around like get up on my own from the bed or get a pen that fell on the ground. A lot of people are telling me that I have a such a huge tummy and 2 people were asking if I’m having twins. LOL  I eat a lot and I eat anything I want to eat plus my husband keeps spoiling me with food. I’ve gained 15 kgs in this pregnancy which is not quite bad.

Right now, we are just waiting for our baby love to come out. As I type at this very moment, I am already 3cm dilated but with a not so ready cervix. My OB is giving me EPO (Evening Primrose Oil) to help ripen the cervix.  With fingers crossed, I am hoping that I will have a normal delivery this week or early next week. :)





Hanging by a Moment

(Hanging Lamps | November 10, 2012)

It’s still the 3rd week of November and so far it’s full t of climactic moments. It’s stressful and somehow liberating. That’s what it is like for my November. Sometimes I worry a lot about the future thinking of the hows and the whats. I know it’s a total waste of time but what can a girl do with raging hormones. hehe…Anyway, I have come into terms with a lot of things this November contemplating every single moment that passes by. I have succumb to the feeling of vulnerability that somehow in this vast Universe no matter how control freak we are somewhere down the road we will always trip down or in one way or another change course of direction. And I am talking about the things that did not happen yet, the FUTURE. As of this time while I am writing this post, I love most of the things that I see. As of the next 5 years that I do not know yet. While waiting for the next big thing in our lives, let us hang in by the moment and just appreciate the “NOW” worry-free! :)