Scarlet Czarina at 4 months

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I was planning to have newborn photo session with Scarlet but I never had the chance to do that. Now that she’s 4 months old, I decided to just get someone and capture this precious moment with our baby love. Now that I have my own kids, I realized that no amount of material things […]

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Scarlet’s Christening


It’s January 2015! Another year of fun and adventure. Four months ago I gave birth to a healthy bouncing baby girl. When I think about it, I still can’t believe I survived pregnancy, labor pains and the sleepless nights. Despite the pain that comes with giving birth, life has become more beautiful and more meaningful […]

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Baby Love at 39 Weeks


Hello Blog! I’m back again but this time with a huge tummy. This is a last minute maternity shoot with my husband as my photographer. We’ve been planning this shoot for months but because of our busy schedule things got a bit late and my tummy gets bigger each day. I would love to have […]

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Thursday Juice


My first post on juicing! This has been our new craze lately with my sisters and bff Jetryll. Since I am no longer in my twenties, I am now a convert of a totally healthy lifestyle. I first came across with Joe Cross on an interview in ANC. He convinced me to go juicing since […]

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Hello there blog! I can now officially say that my blog hiatus is over. I’ve been very busy from last week of May till August. It’s not really because of work but because of our new unit. Been driving to and fro to different hardwares all over cebu. It was fun but at the same […]

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Pink + Blue on a Saturday


My 3 year old who used to be so tiny and fragile is growing up so fast. She’s learned her ABC’s, some parts of a flower, traces her name with broken lines, the numbers 1-20 and loves to tell a story of any kind. On top of her academic milestone, she likes to dress up […]

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